[ Vol. 9 No. 1 ] (January - April 2008 )
Clinical trials of an instant tube feeding formula in enterally fed patients in a hospital setting

Celeste C. Tanchoco1*, Milagros F. Villadolid1, Marietta P. Rodriguez1, Marietta B. Pangan1, Judaline S. Robles1, Ida Marie M. Tabangay2,
Marie France G. Dado3, Joan Marie P. Sumpio3

1Clinical Nutrition Section, Medical Nutrition Division, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology;
2Department of Surgery, Clinical Division, Santo Tomas University Hospital;
3Dietary Department, Santo Tomas University Hospital


Background/Objective(s): The instant tube feeding formula developed by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute was clinically tested among 14 tube-fed patients, confined at the Santo Tomas University Hospital to determine its efficacy, suitability, acceptability and safety as a source of nutritional support.

Methodology: Each patient received the reconstituted tube feeding formula during the clinical trial period of two weeks. Evaluation of dietary intake, anthropometric measurements, biochemical analyses and diet tolerance were undertaken to provide information about the response to treatment. Microbiological examinations were done on 13 formulas prepared in the hospital.

Results: The study showed that the formula can prevent significant nutritional deterioration in most tube-fed patients. In terms of nutrient density, the formula was found to be comparable to a commercial formula. The formulas provided fair to more than adequate amounts of protein, calcium, iron and the major vitamins except niacin and vitamin C. The high microbiological susceptibility of blenderized diets were also observed. Excellent tolerance of the formula was noted favoring recommendation of its use as a means of nutritional support.

* Oral presentation


The 12th PENSA Congress
October 18-20 2007
Century Park Hotel, Manila, Philippines
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