[ Vol. 9 No. 1 ] (January - April 2008 )
The development of nutrition screening based on nursing assessment tool of hospital

Mi Jin Jeong, Soo Taik Lee, Dong Chan Kim, Hee Chul Yu, Won Kim,
Haeng Sun Kim, Ju Sin Kim, Seon Hyeong Kim, Baik Hwan Cho

Chonbuk National University Hospital, jeon-ju, Korea


Objectives: It is emphasized recently the importance of early detection for the patient to be malnourished or at risk of becoming malnourished. But it is hard to identify patients rapidly who need the nutrition management with the limited workers. Thus the nutrition support team of our hospital wanted to use the nursing assessment record which is documented by the admitting nurse from all admitting patients for the nutrition screening with various parameters of subjective global assessment. The aim of this study was to develop the program which includes nutrition screening using the nursing assessment tool, assessment, care plan, monitoring and reevaluation for more effective and early nutrition management with limited workers.

Methods: The task force team within nutrition support team is composed of a physician, nurse, pharmacist, dietitian for development of the practical and fast screening program. The reports express the score depending on the impact of the symptom and nutritional status in the nursing assessment tool, then a total score is summed, it is defined that the score of 0-5 is mild malnutrition, 6-10 is moderate or suspected malnutrition and 11 or more is severe malnutrition. It used the diet, % ideal weight, albumin and TLC by the objective index. They defined the malnutrition in case of more than 2 items of 4 those being the abnormality.

Results: This program consists of whole procedures in the following order: the nutrition screening assessment, malnutrition and monitor.

The computerized system is as follows.


1. The nutrition screening
2. The consultation
3. The assessment and care plan,
4. The reply
5. The monitoring and reevaluation
6. The end

Conclusion: It is expected that this program will execute nutrition screening rapidly using adult nursing assessment tool providing service of early nutrition management through cooperation with various occupation. It is just thought to need a study assessing validity about how to identify malnourished patients using adult nursing assessment tool.


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